Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Techniques for Retraining Your Brain and Managing Depression and Anxiety in Just 7 Weeks or Less, Kevin Rhodes
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Techniques for Retraining Your Brain and Managing Depression and Anxiety in Just 7 Weeks or Less

Author: Kevin Rhodes

Narrator: Betty Johnston

Unabridged: 3 hr 9 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Author's Republic

Published: 04/01/2020

Genre: Psychology - Psychotherapy

Includes: Bonus PDF


If you want to overcome anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts once and for all then keep reading...What if I told you that no longer does your life have to be ruled by irrational automatic thoughts that lead to your endless suffering every single day. It is estimated that more than 40 million adults are dealing with unresolved mental issues in the US. Do you want to learn how to overcome your unresolved mental issues? (Some can be so subtle you don't even realize the impact they are having!) The solution is CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT is a type of therapy that works around the assumption that our conscious mind simply can’t control our behavior alone, it says all behavior occurs due to a mixture of internal and external stimuli and a lifetime of conditioning. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ultimately helps you change how you think ('Cognitive') and what you do ('Behaviour'). These changes can, in turn, lead to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Techniques for Retraining Your Brain and Managing Depression and Anxiety in Just 7 Weeks or Less you will discover:The secret strategy to reach new levels of relaxation in your body!The technique Socrates used to overcome your irrational thoughts!Exactly how CBT can help solve addiction issues!Medication is the best cure for mental illness right? WRONG!The mailbox analogy used to cope with negative thoughtsA step-by-step guide to the four stages of CBTThe EASIEST technique to deal with intrusive thoughts!The almost unknown reason that could be causing your depression!The revolutionary benefit of CBT that could reshape ALL your behaviorHow CBT can help treat (and then prevent!) multiple mental disorders at onceAnd that is only scratching the surface! So If You Want The Step By Step Guide To Inner Freedom And A Life Without Depression And Anxiety, Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart."


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