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Ida B ...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World, Katherine Hannigan

Ida B

by Katherine Hannigan

Rent: $6.36

Who is Ida B. Applewood? She is a fourth grader like no other, living a life like no other, with a voice like no other, and a family like no...

Unabridged: 3 hr 13 min
Narrator: Lili Taylor
Published: 08/24/2004
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Game Changer, Tommy Greenwald

Game Changer

by Tommy Greenwald

Rent: $6.49

Thirteen-year-old Teddy Youngblood is in a coma fighting for his life after an unspecified football injury at training camp. His family and f...

Unabridged: 3 hr 45 min
Narrator: Carly Robins
Published: 03/31/2020
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Angels Watching Over Me, Lurlene McDaniel

Angels Watching Over Me

by Lurlene McDaniel

Rent: $6.49

It is just two weeks before Christmas, and 16-year-old Leah Lewis-Hall is stuck in a hospital room. Leah is lonely and worried, but she doesn...

Unabridged: 3 hr 33 min
Angels (McDaniel) #1
Narrator: Kate Forbes
Published: 08/20/2003
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The Day Grandpa Bunny Forgot Ben's Name A children's book about dementia, Isla Wynter

The Day Grandpa Bunny Forgot Ben'...

by Isla Wynter

Rent: $0.99

Grandpa Bunny is behaving strangely.He forgets where he put the carrots.He sits in a flower pot and doesn't know why.And one day, he even for...

Unabridged: 8 min
Narrator: Dini Steyn
Published: 07/09/2019
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Llama Llama Time to Share, Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama Time to Share

by Anna Dewdney

Rent: $2.19

Llama has a sharing drama! Build a tower. Make a moat. Nelly's dolly sails a boat. What can Llama Llama add? Maybe sharing's not so bad. Llam...

Unabridged: 3 min
Llama Llama
Narrator: Anna Dewdney
Published: 09/04/2012
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Life Happens Next, Terry Trueman

Life Happens Next

by Terry Trueman

Rent: $7.99

Stuck in Neutral, a Printz Honor Book, introduced the world to Shawn McDaniel, a fourteen-year-old kid with cerebral palsy. But what happens...

Unabridged: 2 hr 54 min
Stuck in Neutral #3
Narrator: Johnny Heller
Published: 08/21/2012
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This is a Hospital, Not a Zoo!, Roberta Karim

This is a Hospital, Not a Zoo!

by Roberta Karim

Rent: $4.99

By 6 a.m. at Cloverleaf Hospital, young patient Filbert MacFee is ready to go home. He doesn't need any more bed rest. He doesn't want any mo...

Unabridged: 13 min
Narrator: John McDonough
Published: 06/05/1998
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I Don't Want to Wash My Hands!, Tony Ross

I Don't Want to Wash My Hands!

by Tony Ross

Rent: $3.99

From beloved children's author and illustrator Tony Ross, comes a fun to read and humorous take on the importance of handwashing.The Little P...

Unabridged: 4 min
Narrator: Zehra Naqvi
Published: 04/28/2020