Life is a Miracle, Zoltan Bartok
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Life is a Miracle

Author: Zoltan Bartok

Narrator: Zoltan Bartok

Unabridged: 1 hr 4 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Findaway Voices

Published: 08/26/2021

Genre: Religion - Religion & Science


Originally titled "Life after Death", this book deals with the "soul" (or consciousness) leaving the body at the time of death.

I can not imagine "consciousness" leaving the brain and function in the "'air" as many Near Death Experiencers try to make us believe. There is a growning number of NDE presentations, mainly on YouTube videos. These NDEers often see their bodies from the "ceiling". Perhaps they have a dream of some sort that could be actually planted in their mind by Higher Forces. Can consciousness survive, exist outside the body? Yes, just like a Windows Operating System can survive if you save it on a data storage device instead of deleting it. I believe, your consciousness (your "soul", your bio-electronic file, your Human Operating System or HOS) will survive if the "Creator" finds it sufficiently (self)-developed, if it is not corrupt, if it qualifies as truly human, in other words if you lived on the "right side of life". The CPU of a computer makes it possible for e.g. a Windows Operating System to function on its circuitry. The same way, the CPU of the human body (the brain) makes it possible for the Human Operating System to function on the circuitry of the brain. It's a symbiotic relationship, Operating System can not function outside a CPU. It's not to say that you, the HOS, could not exist without a brain (and, of course, the peripheral support mechanism, the rest of the body). YOU could exist – while not alive – being stored who knows where by the Creator, just as a computer Operating System can be stored on a data storage device. Of course, it needs to be emphasized that an HOS is probably as much more sophisticated compared to a computer Operating System as the Creator is compared to Man, that is incomparably. When your body can no longer keep you alive, you (your HOS) need to be saved (by God the Creator) and stored, or re-installed in a different body (hopefully, in a more "high tech" body in a higher phase of existence).


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