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The Joy of Less, Francine Jay

The Joy of Less

by Francine Jay

Rent: $6.48

Francine Jay pioneered the simple living movement with her self-published bestseller, The Joy of Less. In this fully redesigned and repackage...

Unabridged: 5 hr 59 min
Narrator: Teri Schnaubelt
Published: 04/26/2016
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Organization Junkie, Howie Junkie

Organization Junkie

by Howie Junkie

Rent: $3.47

From the Desk of the How-To Junkie for the "Organization Junkie": Howdy friend, who wants "to declutter and organize your life to get things...

Unabridged: 33 min
Narrator: How-To Junkie
Published: 08/02/2017
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Clutter Free Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space, Kathi Lipp

Clutter Free

by Kathi Lipp

Rent: $8.48

If you've ever wished you could clear out your clutter, simplify your space, and take back your life, Kathi Lipp's new book has just ...

Unabridged: 4 hr 43 min
Narrator: Kathi Lipp
Published: 10/31/2017
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Green Living for Dummies, Liz Barclay

Green Living for Dummies

by Liz Barclay

Rent: $5.49

Features strategies to apply green principles in your daily lifeMinimize your impact on the world and enjoy a green lifestyleWant to join th...

Abridged: 3 hr 6 min
Narrator: Michael Grosvenor
Published: 09/23/2008
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Green Cleaning for Dummies, Elizabeth Goldsmith

Green Cleaning for Dummies

by Elizabeth Goldsmith

Rent: $5.49

Your ecofriendly guide to safer, healthier housekeepingWant to go green as you clean? This authoritative guide provides expert, proven advic...

Abridged: 3 hr 34 min
Narrator: Brett Barry
Published: 12/16/2008
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How To Clean and Organize Your House: Speed Cleaning, Decluttering, Organizing, Ema Green

How To Clean and Organize Your Ho...

by Ema Green

Rent: $3.49

Learn How to Save Money and Simplify Your Life! Fir?t and the f?r?m??t thing, a dirty h?u?? i? a h?m? f?r di????? causing g?rm? ?nd th? b??t ...

Unabridged: 51 min
Narrator: Matt Montanez
Published: 12/19/2017
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From Mess to Minimalism, Instafo

From Mess to Minimalism

by Instafo

Rent: $3.47

No-Nonsense, No-Fluff Minimalistic Makeover Ever heard of the proverb “less is more” - that’s exactly what minimalism is a...

Unabridged: 40 min
Narrator: Instafo
Published: 10/23/2017
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Goodbye Things, Hello Minimalism! , Mai Kurosawa

Goodbye Things, Hello Minimalism!...

by Mai Kurosawa

Rent: $2.37

People around the world apparently do not cease to come up with various lifestyles in accordance with their own personal perspectives, views ...

Unabridged: 38 min
Narrator: Al Morris
Published: 07/23/2018
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