The Advent of Early Modern Warfare: The History of the Transition from Medieval Military Tactics to the Age of Gunpowder, Charles River Editors
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The Advent of Early Modern Warfare: The History of the Transition from Medieval Military Tactics to the Age of Gunpowder

Author: Charles River Editors

Narrator: Elias Anderson

Unabridged: 2 hr 27 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Findaway Voices

Published: 03/03/2023

Genre: History - Military


In the time period between the fall of Rome and the spread of the Renaissance across the European continent, many of today’s European nations were formed, the Catholic Church rose to great prominence, some of history’s most famous wars occurred, and a social class system was instituted that lasted over 1,000 years. A lot of activity took place during a period frequently labeled derogatively as the “Dark Ages,” and while that period of time is mostly referred to as the “Middle Ages” instead of the Dark Ages today, it has still retained the stigma of being a sort of lost period of time in which Western civilization made no worthwhile progress. 

If anything, the one aspect of the Middle Ages that has been romanticized is medieval warfare. Indeed, the Middle Ages have long sparked people’s imaginations thanks to imagery of armored knights battling on horseback and armies of men trying to breach the walls of formidable castles. What is generally forgotten is that medieval warfare was constantly adapting to the times as leaders adopted new techniques and technology, and common infantry became increasingly important throughout the period. Starting around 1000 CE, there was a gradual consolidation of power in the region after the fragmentation of the Early Middle Ages, and it brought about the rise of more centralized states that could field large armies. The Normans, one of the first groups to do this, were notable for their discipline and organization, and it’s little surprise that they were the last foreigners to successfully invade Britain under William the Conqueror in the mid 11th century.

Meanwhile, political and technological progress led to continuous change of tactics and equipment. Cavalry became ascendant, only to be later replaced by infantry as their weapons improved. By the end of the period, warfare was radically changing thanks to the rise of gunpowder weapons such as the handgun and the bombard. 


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