Sunjata and Bakaridjan Kone: Two Captivating Legends from Mali, Matt Clayton
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Sunjata and Bakaridjan Kone: Two Captivating Legends from Mali

Author: Matt Clayton

Narrator: Michael Reaves

Unabridged: 3 hr 21 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Findaway Voices

Published: 11/24/2022

Genre: Social Science - Folklore & Mythology


Do you like epic tales that sing the deeds of the world’s greatest heroes?

If so, you will love this volume of epics from the West African country of Mali. Each is full of battles and derring-do, magic, and prophecies based on historical events. The Epic of Sunjata tells the tale of the great thirteenth-century king of the Mali Empire, Sunjata Keita, who started life as a disabled boy but rose to become one of Mali’s greatest warriors and king of a vast empire. The Epic of Bakaridjan Kone, a proud epic in its own right, is but a part of the larger Epic of Bambara Segu, one of the longest African epics, detailing the history of the Segu Empire, which lasted from 1712 to 1861. Like Sunjata, Bakaridjan Kone is a formidable warrior; however, he has no designs on power, preferring only to serve his king with valorous deeds.

Here are just a few of the amazing episodes you’ll read in these epics:

How a hunter prophesied that Sunjata would become the king of a great empire.How Sunjata was disabled at birth but learned to walk and gained superhuman strength.Sunjata’s exile from Mali and his growth into manhood.How Sunjata fought and defeated the evil sorcerer-king, Sumanguru Kante.How a Muslim soothsayer prophesied that Bakaridjan Kone would outshine all of the king’s sons and become the greatest warrior of Segu.How Bakaridjan Kone performed the deeds of a hero while he was yet a boy.How Bakaridjan Kone defeated an evil water jinni that even King Da Monzon was afraid to challenge.How Bakaridjan Kone lost his honor and then regained it. How King Da Monzon tried to assassinate Bakaridjan but was foiled by Bakaridjan’s son. 

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