Philosophers: Thoughts and Insights from Philosophers around the World, Gary Dankock
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Philosophers: Thoughts and Insights from Philosophers around the World

Author: Gary Dankock, Hector Janssen, Philip Rivaldi

Narrator: Rory Young, Sarah Margrave, Doug Greene

Unabridged: 2 hr 33 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Findaway Voices

Published: 12/04/2020

Genre: Philosophy - Logic


This is a 3-book combination with the following titles:

Book 1: The philosophers from the east (China, other countries in Asia, etc.) have many things in common with the ancient philosophers in the west (Greece, Eurasia, etc.). But there are differences too.


In this guide, we will highlight and compare some of these differences and similarities. Some other chapters are devoted to several philosophers from both regions in the world, namely Pythagoras, Mo Ti, and Aristippus of Cyrene. Along with this, you will learn about general traditions, thinking patterns, and much more.



Book 2: A lot of people have heard of stoicism, some even know what it is, but the question is: How do you become more stoic?

The answer to this question lies at the heart of this book. You will learn of new methods and insights to accomplish this. Furthermore, some very important quotes about stoicism will be revealed. And a schedule will be given that you can adhere to, if you want, and stick to a routine that enables you to practice a stoic attitude in your daily life.


Book 3: Skepticism has been criticized, ironically, and optimism has been glorified beyond all reason. There are sub-cults in the self-help industry that will judge anyone who questions the claims of gurus, and there are many people who are afraid to doubt the things they are told. Today, we need more skepticism in science and psychology. We need people who don’t take claims as truth when they have not been fully proven.



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