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Conscious A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind, Annaka Harris


by Annaka Harris

Rent: $7.99

As concise and enlightening as Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, this mind-expanding dive into the...

Unabridged: 2 hr 22 min
Narrator: Annaka Harris
Published: 06/04/2019
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Free Will, Sam Harris

Free Will

by Sam Harris

Rent: $5.96

The physiologist Benjamin Libet famously demonstrated that activity in the brain's motor regions can be detected some 300 milliseconds b...

Unabridged: 1 hr 14 min
Narrator: Sam Harris
Published: 03/06/2012
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The Greatest Story Ever Told . . . So Far Why Are We Here?, Lawrence M. Krauss

The Greatest Story Ever Told . . ...

by Lawrence M. Krauss

Rent: $6.48

Internationally renowned, award-winning theoretical physicist, New York Times bestselling author of A Universe from Nothing, and passionate a...

Unabridged: 10 hr 25 min
Narrator: Lawrence Krauss
Published: 03/21/2017
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The Male Brain, Louann Brizendine, M.D.

The Male Brain

by Louann Brizendine, M.D....

Rent: $6.99

From the author of the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller The Female Brain, here is the eagerly awaited follow-up book that demystifies...

Unabridged: 4 hr 26 min
Narrator: Kimberly Farr
Published: 03/23/2010
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Mars Direct Space Exploration, the Red Planet, and the Human Future, Robert Zubrin

Mars Direct

by Robert Zubrin

Rent: $2.98

The human race is at a crossroads. In the coming years, we will make decisions regarding our human spaceflight program that will lead to one ...

Unabridged: 1 hr 27 min
Narrator: Erik Synnestvedt
Published: 02/12/2013
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How We Die Reflections on Life's Final Chapter, Sherwin B. Nuland

How We Die

by Sherwin B. Nuland

Rent: $6.98

New Edition: With a new chapter addressing contemporary issues in end-of-life careA runaway bestseller and National Book Award winner, Sherwi...

Abridged: 2 hr 57 min
Narrator: Sherwin B. Nuland
Published: 02/27/2007
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Grunt The Curious Science of Humans at War, Mary Roach


by Mary Roach

Rent: $6.48

Bestselling author Mary Roach explores the science of keeping human beings intact, awake, sane, uninfected, and uninfested in the bizarre and...

Unabridged: 8 hr 54 min
Narrator: Abby Elvidge
Published: 06/07/2016
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Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice, Mark J. Plotkin

Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

by Mark J. Plotkin

Rent: $6.48

Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice has been called one of the greatest adventure stories ever told.As then-chief ethnobotanist for Conservation I...

Abridged: 2 hr 43 min
Narrator: Mark J. Plotkin
Published: 09/01/2008
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How We'll Live on Mars, Stephen Petranek

How We'll Live on Mars

by Stephen Petranek

Rent: $5.99

Award-winning journalist Stephen Petranek says humans will live on Mars by 2027. Now he makes the case that living on Mars is not just plausi...

Unabridged: 2 hr 13 min
Narrator: Stephen Petranek
Published: 07/07/2015
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Intelligence in Nature An Inquiry into Knowledge, Jeremy Narby

Intelligence in Nature

by Jeremy Narby

Rent: $7.99

Anthropologist Jeremy Narby has altered how we understand the Shamanic cultures and traditions that have undergone a worldwide revival in rec...

Unabridged: 4 hr 29 min
Narrator: James Patrick Cron...
Published: 12/26/2017
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How to Catch a Mole Wisdom from a Life Lived in Nature, Marc Hamer

How to Catch a Mole

by Marc Hamer

Rent: $0.99

A life-affirming audiobook about the British countryside, the cycle of nature, solitude, mortality and contentment, through the prism of a br...

Unabridged: 3 hr 43 min
Narrator: Marc Hamer
Published: 10/24/2019
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Isaac Newton's New Physics, Dr. Gordon Britian

Isaac Newton's New Physics

by Dr. Gordon Britian

Rent: $7.56

Isaac Newton (16421727) achieved momentous breakthroughs in three areas: mathematics (the calculus), a theory of colors, and gravitational at...

Unabridged: 2 hr 58 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 01/27/2006
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The Story of Electricity, Professor John T. Sanders

The Story of Electricity

by Professor John T. Sande...

Rent: $7.56

Ancient and medieval awareness of electrical effects included lightning, electric fish, St. Elmos fire, the amber effect, and (esp. in early ...

Unabridged: 2 hr 51 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 04/01/2006
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The Planets, Dava Sobel

The Planets

by Dava Sobel

Rent: $6.98

THE PLANETS is Dava Sobel's sweeping look at our heavenly galaxy. In the spirit of Longitude and Galileo's Daughter, Sobel once again brings ...

Unabridged: 5 hr 31 min
Narrator: Lorna Raver
Published: 10/04/2005
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Zetetic Astronomy An experimental inquiry into the true figure of the Earth: PROVING IT A PLANE, Without axial or orbital motion; AND THE ONLY MATERIAL WORLD IN THE UNIVERSE!, Parallax

Zetetic Astronomy

by Parallax

Rent: $4.96

Samuel Birley Rowbotham (1816–1884) wrote Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe under the pseudonym Parallax. His work was originally pu...

Unabridged: 4 hr 57 min
Narrator: Man with a Cat
Published: 02/04/2019
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The Layman's Guide To Quantum Reality, JD Lovil

The Layman's Guide To Quantum Rea...

by JD Lovil

Rent: $7.46

Have you always wanted to understand Quantum Theory, but was afraid of the math?Relax. I have written this book so that you can understand th...

Unabridged: 3 hr 37 min
Narrator: Cathi Colas
Published: 08/09/2018
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Marijuana : Growing Marijuana Beginners To Experts Ultimate Easiest Guide For Growing Large Buds Of Marijuana Plants.The Grow Bible To Get Big Yields In Small Places Indoors And Outdoors, Saul Silver

Marijuana : Growing Marijuana

by Saul Silver

Rent: $4.99

?GET HIGH NOW WITH THE BIGGEST AND SWEETEST OF BUDS?The basics of growing Cannabis can be easily grasped by remembering that it is a plant. G...

Unabridged: 1 hr 21 min
Narrator: Jim Johnston
Published: 08/24/2019
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The Climate Swerve Reflections on Mind, Hope, and Survival, Robert Jay Lifton

The Climate Swerve

by Robert Jay Lifton

Rent: $7.99

Over his long career as witness to an extreme twentieth century, National Book Award-winning psychiatrist, historian, and public intellectual...

Unabridged: 4 hr 17 min
Narrator: Rudy Sanda
Published: 10/10/2017
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Medieval Science, Professor John T. Sanders

Medieval Science

by Professor John T. Sande...

Rent: $7.56

After Rome fell in the 5th century A.D., Europe endured a long drought of ideas. The Middle Ages were a time when spiritual, otherworldly con...

Unabridged: 2 hr 58 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 02/07/2006
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Astronomy The Heavenly Challenge, Jack Arnold


by Jack Arnold

Rent: $7.56

Astronomy is perhaps the oldest science. The ancients saw cosmic meanings in the stars, and they organized their lives around lunar and solar...

Unabridged: 2 hr 52 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 04/22/2006
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Darwin and Evolution, Dr. Michael Ghiselin

Darwin and Evolution

by Dr. Michael Ghiselin

Rent: $7.56

Charles Darwin (18091882) published in 1859 a vastly important work: On The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservat...

Unabridged: 2 hr 55 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 01/04/2006
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Einstein's Revolution, Professor John T. Sanders

Einstein's Revolution

by Professor John T. Sande...

Rent: $7.56

In 1905, Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity, followed by the General Theory of Relativity in 1916. He firmly establis...

Unabridged: 2 hr 57 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 01/12/2006
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Complexity and Chaos, Dr. Roger White

Complexity and Chaos

by Dr. Roger White

Rent: $6.46

Traditional scientific determinism has suggested that the natural world is regular and predictable, and that timeless and universal nature is...

Unabridged: 2 hr 38 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 05/07/2006
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Brainstorm, Mariette DiChristina


by Mariette DiChristina

Rent: $3.49

Creativity is often considered an innate gift, not something that can be learned or optimized. In fact, there is an entire branch of science ...

Unabridged: 1 hr 8 min
Narrator: William Dufris
Published: 07/01/2008
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Altered Genes, Twisted Truth How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public, Steven M. Druker

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth

by Steven M. Druker

Rent: $8.13

This audiobook uncovers the biggest scientific fraud of our age. It tells the fascinating and frequently astounding story of how the massive ...

Unabridged: 21 hr
Narrator: Steven M. Druker
Published: 08/04/2015
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Genomics A Very Short Introduction, John M. Archibald


by John M. Archibald

Rent: $7.49

Genomics has transformed the biological sciences. From epidemiology and medicine to evolution and forensics, the ability to determine an orga...

Unabridged: 4 hr 12 min
Narrator: Sean Runnette
Published: 08/28/2018
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The History of Physics A Very Short Introduction, J.L. Heilbron

The History of Physics

by J.L. Heilbron

Rent: $7.49

How does the physics we know today—a highly professionalized enterprise, inextricably linked to government and industry—link back...

Unabridged: 5 hr 5 min
Narrator: Sean Runnette
Published: 10/16/2018
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Six Impossible Things The Mystery of the Quantum World, John Gribbin

Six Impossible Things

by John Gribbin

Rent: $7.49

Rules of the quantum world seem to say that a cat can be both alive and dead at the same time and a particle can be in two places at once. An...

Unabridged: 2 hr 19 min
Narrator: Matthew Waterson
Published: 10/08/2019
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Are Cryptozoological Animals-Real or Imaginary, Martin K. Ettington

Are Cryptozoological Animals-Real...

by Martin K. Ettington

Rent: $8.46

What are Cryptozoological animals? They are very rare animals which might even be imaginary or fantastical.In this book we examine a group of...

Unabridged: 2 hr 5 min
Narrator: Martin K. Ettingto...
Published: 12/03/2019
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy How to Remove Anxiety, Daily Stress, and Improve Your Social and Working Life, Ariana Mayer

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

by Ariana Mayer

Rent: $0.99

Discover How To Remove Anxiety And Stress, And At The Same Time Improve Your Social And Working Life!Do you feel anxious or stressed often?Wo...

Unabridged: 3 hr 4 min
Narrator: Lag Ann Aga
Published: 06/17/2020
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Space at the Speed of Light The History of 14 Billion Years for People Short on Time, Dr. Becky Smethurst

Space at the Speed of Light

by Dr. Becky Smethurst

Rent: $6.99

From the big bang to black holes, this fast-paced tour of time and space for the astro-curious unlocks the science of the stars to reveal fas...

Unabridged: 2 hr 5 min
Narrator: Dr. Becky Smethurs...
Published: 06/02/2020
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Origins of the Universe, Jack Arnold

Origins of the Universe

by Jack Arnold

Rent: $6.46

For most of history, the beginning of the universe has been understood through the many myths offered in various cultures. But in the modern ...

Unabridged: 2 hr 38 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 02/15/2006
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The Pluto Files The Rise and Fall of Americas Favorite Planet, Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Pluto Files

by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Rent: $7.56

In August 2006, the International Astronomical Union voted Pluto out of planethood. Far from the sun, tiny, and eccentric in orbit, it&rsquo...

Unabridged: 3 hr 53 min
Narrator: Mirron Willis
Published: 01/19/2009
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The Soul of the White Ant, Eugene Marais

The Soul of the White Ant

by Eugene Marais

Rent: $5.46

The Soul of the White Ant by Eugene Marais is a passionate, insightful account into the world of termites. It is a meticulously research...

Unabridged: 4 hr 49 min
Narrator: David Major
Published: 11/11/2018
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Lost in My Own Backyard A Walk in Yellowstone National Park, Tim Cahill

Lost in My Own Backyard

by Tim Cahill

Rent: $6.96

“Let’s get lost together . . . ”Lost in My Own Backyard brings acclaimed author Tim Cahill together with one of his—a...

Unabridged: 2 hr 53 min
Narrator: Michael Prichard
Published: 03/05/2004
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Marijuana Growing & Cultivating: The Indoor Outdoor Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Horticulture, Chad Dorsey

Marijuana Growing & Cultivating: ...

by Chad Dorsey

Rent: $3.46

The ultimate reference and step by step guide to growing and cultivating marijuana.Learn and grow cannabis with easy to follow steps from sta...

Unabridged: 29 min
Narrator: Video Article
Published: 01/09/2019
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Science In Antiquity, Dr. Jon Mandaville

Science In Antiquity

by Dr. Jon Mandaville

Rent: $7.56

After 3500 B.C., when cuneiform writing was developed and recorded history began, science first emerged among stargazing astronomerpriests in...

Unabridged: 2 hr 56 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 02/25/2006
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Exploring and Mapmaking, Dr. Ian Jackson

Exploring and Mapmaking

by Dr. Ian Jackson

Rent: $7.56

The first known navigators were the Phoenicians, who 3000 years ago sailed the Mediterranean and beyond from their base near modern Lebanon. ...

Unabridged: 2 hr 54 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 01/14/2006
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Chemistry and The Enlightenment, Dr. Ian Jackson

Chemistry and The Enlightenment

by Dr. Ian Jackson

Rent: $6.46

Modern chemistry emerged from the historical traditions of metalworking (beginning as early as the Bronze Age in 3500 BC); medicine (especial...

Unabridged: 2 hr 40 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 04/29/2006
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Natural Science and the Planet Earth, Dr. Jack Sommer

Natural Science and the Planet Ea...

by Dr. Jack Sommer

Rent: $7.56

Among the greatest natural historians was Alexander von Humboldt (17691859), who influenced Goethe, Darwin, and Americas leading naturalists....

Unabridged: 2 hr 57 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 02/12/2006
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A New Understanding of the Atom, Professor John T. Sanders

A New Understanding of the Atom

by Professor John T. Sande...

Rent: $7.56

The concept of the atomthe smallest physical building block of naturehas been around at least since ancient Greece. Leucippus and Democritus ...

Unabridged: 2 hr 55 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 04/15/2006
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Dimensions of Scientific Thought, Professor John T. Sanders

Dimensions of Scientific Thought

by Professor John T. Sande...

Rent: $6.46

Science is a way of knowing thats characterized by the rules of logic and the methods of experiment. But the conflict between logic and exper...

Unabridged: 2 hr 43 min
The Science and Discovery Series
Narrator: Edwin Newman
Published: 01/09/2006
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The Medusa and the Snail More Notes of a Biology Watcher, Lewis Thomas

The Medusa and the Snail

by Lewis Thomas

Rent: $7.56

Lewis Thomass fascinating observations of the quirkiness of the worlds lifeforms cause the listener to ponder simultaneously a tiny organism ...

Unabridged: 4 hr 22 min
Narrator: Stuart Langton
Published: 01/08/2008
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The Meaning of It All Thoughts of a CitizenScientist, Richard Feynman

The Meaning of It All

by Richard Feynman

Rent: $7.56

In this collection of lectures Feynman originally gave in 1963, the Nobel Prizewinning physicist discusses several mega questions of science....

Unabridged: 2 hr 50 min
Narrator: Raymond Todd
Published: 01/01/2006
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Instant Egghead Guide, Emily Anthes

Instant Egghead Guide

by Emily Anthes

Rent: $6.49

Everything from neurons to consciousness in the blink of an eye (which takes 300 milliseconds).Take a "fantastic voyage" through the whorls a...

Unabridged: 4 hr 40 min
Instant Egghead Guides
Narrator: Steve Mirsky
Published: 12/23/2008
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Doctor Geeks Laboratory, Season 1 The Flying Car and the Privatization of Space, Scott C. Vigui

Doctor Geeks Laboratory, Season 1...

by Scott C. Vigui

Rent: $8.66

Science fiction meets real-world technology in Doctor Geek's Laboratory, Season 1 It's the twenty-first century-have you ever wondered what h...

Unabridged: 6 hr 3 min
Doctor Geeks Laboratory #1
Narrator: a full cast
Published: 12/01/2013
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The Edge of the Sky All You Need to Know about the All-There-Is, Roberto Trotta

The Edge of the Sky

by Roberto Trotta

Rent: $6.46

From the big bang to black holes, from dark matter to dark energy, from the origins of the universe to its ultimate destiny, The Edge of the ...

Unabridged: 1 hr 29 min
Narrator: Bronson Pinchot
Published: 09/23/2014
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Deadly Feasts Tracking the Secrets of a Terrifying New Plague, Richard Rhodes

Deadly Feasts

by Richard Rhodes

Rent: $6.46

In this brilliant and gripping medical detective story. Richard Rhodes follows virus hunters on three continents as they track the emergence ...

Abridged: 3 hr 9 min
Narrator: Richard Rhodes
Published: 03/01/1997
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Enough Staying Human in an Engineered Age, Bill McKibben


by Bill McKibben

Rent: $6.49

From the bestselling author of The End of Nature comes a passionate plea to limit the technologies that could change the very definition of w...

Abridged: 4 hr 56 min
Narrator: Bill McKibben
Published: 04/01/2003
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The Future of Spacetime, Richard H. Price

The Future of Spacetime

by Richard H. Price

Rent: $6.47

Where the science of black holes, gravitational waves, and time travel will likely lead us, as reported by spacetime's most important theoret...

Abridged: 3 hr 14 min
Narrator: Jonathan Davis
Published: 05/21/2002