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Why the Innocent Plead Guilty and the Guilty Go Free And Other Paradoxes of Our Broken Legal System, Jed S. Rakoff

Why the Innocent Plead Guilty and...

by Jed S. Rakoff

Rent: $7.49

A senior federal judge's incisive, unsettling exploration of some of the paradoxes that d...

Unabridged: 5 hr 5 min
Narrator: Joe Barrett
Published: 04/13/2021
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Landmark Supreme Court Decisions and How They Impact Your Life, David L. Hudson

Landmark Supreme Court Decisions ...

by David L. Hudson

Rent: $3.38

How has the Supreme Court impacted your life?Can the police search your emails? What made...

Unabridged: 6 hr 55 min
Learn25: History
Narrator: David L. Hudson
Published: 06/24/2019
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The History of Democracy Has Yet to Be Written How We Have to Learn to Govern All Over Again, Thomas Geoghegan

The History of Democracy Has Yet ...

by Thomas Geoghegan

Rent: $7.49

End the filibuster. Abolish the Senate. Make everyone vote. Only if we do this (and then ...

Unabridged: 4 hr 41 min
Narrator: Donald Corren
Published: 10/05/2021
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Compelling Interest The Real Story behind Roe v. Wade, Roger Resler

Compelling Interest

by Roger Resler

Rent: $8.48

Is a fetus a person?Is “pro-choice” a neutral position?For 40 years since the...

Abridged: 12 hr 21 min
Narrator: Roger Resler
Published: 11/21/2012