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Glory Carriers How to Host His Presence Every Day, Jennifer Eivaz

Glory Carriers

by Jennifer Eivaz

Rent: $5.98

We were created to reflect something or Someone. What we behold, we reflect. The more we ...

Unabridged: 4 hr 44 min
Narrator: Rachel Fulginiti
Published: 03/05/2019
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Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper, Brant Pitre

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the...

by Brant Pitre

Rent: $8.48

In recent years, Christians everywhere are rediscovering the Jewish roots of their faith....

Unabridged: 6 hr 13 min
Narrator: David Cochran Heat...
Published: 05/31/2017
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The Air I Breathe Worship as a Way of Life, Louie Giglio

The Air I Breathe

by Louie Giglio

Rent: $5.98

Not everyone may frequent the church on the corner, but we each have a place of worship. ...

Unabridged: 1 hr 59 min
Narrator: Ben Hunter
Published: 09/15/2011
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The Common Rule Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction, Justin Whitmel Earley

The Common Rule

by Justin Whitmel Earley

Rent: $8.44

Habits form us more than we form them. The modern world is a machine of a thousand i...

Unabridged: 5 hr 45 min
Narrator: William Sarris
Published: 02/19/2019
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God's Weapons of War Arming the Church to Destroy the Kingdom of Darkness, Bill Hamon

God's Weapons of War

by Bill Hamon

Rent: $8.48

For years, we have learned principles of individual spiritual warfare. Yet as the end tim...

Unabridged: 6 hr 6 min
Narrator: Reese Emery
Published: 10/02/2018
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Experiencing the Supernatural How to Saturate Your Life with the Power and Presence of God, K. A. Schneider

Experiencing the Supernatural

by K. A. Schneider

Rent: $8.48

God is not bound by the laws of the natural world. He is, by definition, supernatural, an...

Unabridged: 5 hr 34 min
Narrator: Kevin T. Collins
Published: 10/03/2017
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Transforming Presence How the Holy Spirit Changes Everything-From the Inside Out, Daniel Henderson

Transforming Presence

by Daniel Henderson

Rent: $8.48

Who is the Holy Spirit anyway?We sing songs about Him. We’ve seen His name in the B...

Unabridged: 5 hr 40 min
Narrator: Maurice England
Published: 06/05/2018
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Worship Essentials Growing a Healthy Worship Ministry Without Starting a War!, Mike Harland

Worship Essentials

by Mike Harland

Rent: $8.48

Everybody talks about the worship, but nobody does anything about it. The well-known quot...

Unabridged: 3 hr 40 min
Narrator: Mike Harland
Published: 11/01/2018
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Flow The Ancient Way to Do Contemporary Worship, Lester Ruth


by Lester Ruth

Rent: $7.49

Author Lester Ruth and contributors Zachary Barnes, Andrew Eastes, Jonathan Ottaway, Adam...

Unabridged: 4 hr 3 min
Narrator: David Cochran Heat...
Published: 06/30/2020
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The Cloud Of Unknowing A classic of Christian mystical wisdom, now in modern English, Chirag Patel

The Cloud Of Unknowing

by Chirag Patel

Rent: $0.99

In the middle ages, Christianity shared much with Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies...

Unabridged: 5 hr 8 min
Illuminated Ancient Wisdom in Modern English #9
Narrator: Chirag Patel
Published: 03/12/2020
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A Christian's Quick Guide to Baptism The Water that Unites, Robert Letham

A Christian's Quick Guide to Bapt...

by Robert Letham

Rent: $6.48

What is Christian baptism? Is it, as many believe, a mere symbol? When should someone be ...

Unabridged: 3 hr 3 min
Narrator: Ralph Lister
Published: 09/01/2017
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Confession and Absolution, James Nestingen

Confession and Absolution

by James Nestingen

Rent: $1.99

Are confession and absolution archaic notions which we've outgrown? Are they simply p...

Unabridged: 53 min
Narrator: James Nestingen
Published: 11/18/2016
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Spirit and Sacrament An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship, Andrew Wilson

Spirit and Sacrament

by Andrew Wilson

Rent: $8.48

Spirit and Sacrament by pastor and author Andrew Wilson is an impassioned call to join to...

Unabridged: 4 hr 14 min
Narrator: Derek Perkins
Published: 01/08/2019
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72% Cocoa A Practical Guide To Intense Worship, Steve + Shawn

72% Cocoa

by Steve + Shawn

Rent: $4.99

Worship and Chocolate? That sounds....delicious. This is not your typical book on worship...

Unabridged: 2 hr 40 min
Narrator: Steven James Reed
Published: 10/01/2021
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Sacred Pathways: Audio Bible Studies Nine Ways to Connect with God, Gary  Thomas

Sacred Pathways: Audio Bible Stud...

by Gary Thomas

Rent: $6.99

Discover new ways of connecting with God by understanding how he uniquely created you to...

Unabridged: 1 hr 52 min
Audio Bible Studies
Narrator: Gary L. Thomas
Published: 04/27/2021
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In Spirit and In Truth The Fundamentals of Biblical Worship, Mike Mazzalongo

In Spirit and In Truth

by Mike Mazzalongo

Rent: $2.49

This audiobook examines the area of public worship. Each chapter looks not only at the pr...

Unabridged: 1 hr 16 min
Narrator: Lee Jagow
Published: 12/30/2020
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The Last Supper on the Moon: Audio Bible Studies The Ocean of Space, the Mystery of Grace, and the Life Jesus Died for You to Have, Levi Lusko

The Last Supper on the Moon: Audi...

by Levi Lusko

Rent: $7.99

In the summer of 1969, Buzz Aldrin had a mission. His goal was to fly 240 million miles ...

Unabridged: 1 hr 44 min
Audio Bible Studies
Narrator: Levi Lusko
Published: 02/01/2022
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Generational Worship The Seed, the Soil, & the Sun, Steven James Reed

Generational Worship

by Steven James Reed

Rent: $3.49

If you have ever asked, "How do we reach the young people?" then this book is for you. Al...

Unabridged: 1 hr 32 min
Narrator: Steven James Reed
Published: 06/21/2022
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Covenantal Baptism (Blessings of the Faith), Jason Helopoulos

Covenantal Baptism (Blessings of ...

by Jason Helopoulos

Rent: $7.49

Why would Christians baptize infants? Jason Helopoulos lays out the Reformed perspective&...

Unabridged: 3 hr 39 min
Narrator: Daniel Thomas May
Published: 07/26/2022