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Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville

Democracy in America

by Alexis de Tocqueville

Rent: $7.49

In 1831, a Frenchman named Alexis de Tocqueville arrived in New York convinced that the d...

Unabridged: 4 hr 47 min
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Narrator: George Guidall
Published: 03/11/2008
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The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx; Friedrich Engels

The Communist Manifesto

by Karl Marx; Friedrich En...

Rent: $6.99

Without question one of the most significant books in modern history, The Communist Manif...

Unabridged: 1 hr 53 min
Narrator: Charles Armstrong,...
Published: 01/31/2011
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Conservatism An Invitation to the Great Tradition, Roger Scruton


by Roger Scruton

Rent: $6.49

This program includes an introduction read by the author.A brief, magisterial audiobook i...

Unabridged: 4 hr 38 min
Narrator: Mark Meadows
Published: 06/19/2018
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Things That Can and Cannot Be Said Essays and Conversations, Arundhati Roy; John Cusack

Things That Can and Cannot Be Sai...

by Arundhati Roy; John Cus...

Rent: $8.46

In this rich dialogue on surveillance, empire, and power, Roy and Cusack describe meeting...

Unabridged: 1 hr 54 min
Narrator: Sneha Mathan; Jim ...
Published: 09/26/2017
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Political Philosophy Collection: Common Sense, Candide, Anthem, and The Communist Manifesto, Thomas Paine

Political Philosophy Collection: ...

by Thomas Paine

Rent: $4.99

A powerful and enlightening collection of political philosophy.Delving into the past and ...

Unabridged: 9 hr 27 min
Narrator: Kevin Thies
Published: 09/30/2020
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Political Philosophy A Very Short Introduction, David Miller

Political Philosophy

by David Miller

Rent: $7.49

This Very Short Introduction introduces listeners to the key concepts of political philos...

Unabridged: 4 hr 24 min
Narrator: Luci Bell
Published: 06/01/2021
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Civil Disobedience And Other Essays, Henry David Thoreau

Civil Disobedience

by Henry David Thoreau

Rent: $7.49

American author, poet, and philosopher Henry David Thoreau was a passionate abolitionist....

Unabridged: 4 hr 48 min
Narrator: Jefferson Mays
Published: 03/14/2014
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Political Ideas, Bertrand Russell

Political Ideas

by Bertrand Russell

Rent: $4.98

Russell sets forth the idea that political ideals must be based upon the ideals that best...

Unabridged: 1 hr 54 min
Narrator: Peter Bishop
Published: 08/01/2014
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The Shipwrecked Mind On Political Reaction, Mark Lilla

The Shipwrecked Mind

by Mark Lilla

Rent: $6.99

We don't understand the reactionary mind. As a result, argues Mark Lilla in this timely b...

Unabridged: 4 hr 5 min
Narrator: Michael Kramer
Published: 03/14/2017
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After the Flight 93 Election The Vote That Saved America and What We Still Have to Lose, Michael Anton

After the Flight 93 Election

by Michael Anton

Rent: $8.46

In September 2016, the provocative essay “The Flight 93 Election” galvanized ...

Unabridged: 2 hr 28 min
Narrator: Chris Abell
Published: 06/25/2019
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Erasmus Theology and Political Views from a Dutch Philosopher, Ferdinand Jives


by Ferdinand Jives

Rent: $3.49

A Renaissance theologist who brought new light to Dutch changes during the Protestant war...

Unabridged: 1 hr 15 min
Narrator: Alasdair Cunningha...
Published: 05/22/2018
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Common Sense, Thomas Paine

Common Sense

by Thomas Paine

Rent: $1.48

Common Sense is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–1776 advocating independ...

Unabridged: 2 hr 9 min
Narrator: Jason Randall
Published: 05/15/2020
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The Politics of Obedience A Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, Etienne de la Botie

The Politics of Obedience

by Etienne de la Botie

Rent: $2.99

In this seminal work of political philosophy, Boetie asks one of the most obvious questio...

Unabridged: 1 hr 15 min
Narrator: Bootsy Greenwood
Published: 03/26/2022