Paul A. Lynch

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Susan's Real Christmas, Paul A. Lynch

Susan's Real Christmas

by Paul A. Lynch

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“Susan’s Real Christmas” by Paul A. Lynch tells the story of Susan, a twelve-year-old girl who is an only child. Susan is q...

Unabridged: 26 min
Narrator: Adrienne M Roberso...
Published: 05/02/2020
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Parables of Jesus, Paul A. Lynch

Parables of Jesus

by Paul A. Lynch

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While Jesus Christ was on earth, he used parables to teach his disciples and the people around him the way to salvation and eternal life. Wha...

Unabridged: 11 min
Narrator: Jeff Louis
Published: 07/31/2020
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Bible Stories With a Twist (Book 2), Paul A. Lynch

Bible Stories With a Twist

by Paul A. Lynch

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Bible Stories With A Twist Two is all about fun, excitement, and adventure. Read about your favorite biblical heroes from both the Old and Ne...

Unabridged: 5 hr 17 min
Narrator: Dan Carroll
Published: 01/05/2017