Leonard Nimoy

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Spock Vs Q, Leonard Nimoy

Spock Vs Q

by Leonard Nimoy

Rent: $4.96

As the end of the twentieth century nears, an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth. When it hits, the impact will result in the end of all life ...

Abridged: 1 hr 51 min
Spock Vs Q #1
Narrator: John de Lancie
Published: 11/01/1999
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I Am Spock, Leonard Nimoy

I Am Spock

by Leonard Nimoy

Rent: $6.48

Best known to the world as the actor who created the legendary Mr. Spock in the cult television series that launched the Star Trek phenomenon...

Abridged: 4 hr 3 min
Narrator: Leonard Nimoy
Published: 08/25/2008
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