Idiom Attack Vol. 2: Doing Business (Spanish Edition): Ataque de Modismos 2 - Haciendo negocios, Peter Liptak
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Idiom Attack Vol. 2: Doing Business (Spanish Edition): Ataque de Modismos 2 - Haciendo negocios

Author: Peter Liptak, Matthew Douma, Jay Douma

Narrator: Andrew Brand, Jennifer Clyde

Unabridged: 1 hr 47 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Author's Republic

Published: 02/03/2017

Genre: Education - Bilingual Education


Idiom Attack Vol. 2 - Doing Business (Spanish Edition): Ataque de Modismos 2 - Haciendo negocios Idiom Attack 2 - Doing Business (Spanish Edition) Ataque de Modismos 2 - Haciendo negocios How to talk your way through idiom-infested waters Swim with the natives without fear of an "Idiom Attack" • Add 300 key idioms to your arsenal! • Be ready for 25 topics with day-to-day idioms! • Learn quickly with a three-step training process! Nada con los nativos sin temer un "Ataque de Modismos" • ¡Añade 300 modismos claves a tu arsenal! • ¡Prepárate en 25 temas con modismos cotidianos! • ¡Aprende rápidamente con un método de tres pasos! Upgrade your English skills with idioms essential for daily conversation through a three-step training process that lets you to become familiar with and effectively use idioms every day! ¡Mejora tu nivel de inglés con modismos esenciales para la conversación diaria gracias a un método de tres pasos que te permite familiarizarte con los modismos y utilizarlos diariamente en forma eficaz! Idioms represent the most colorful language used in everyday conversation yet tend to be the most difficult for foreign learners to understand and for teachers to convey. Idiom Attack is a collection of 300 North American idioms in common usage today, arranged in an easy to read and understand format. 25 topical chapters provide easy access for intermediate to advanced students of English. Only the most useful idioms and phrasal expressions are included, with meanings in both English and Chinese for comparison. Example sentences provide contextual support for more in depth understanding and practical application and stories challenge learners with the application of language with follow-up comprehension questions designed to coax them to use the target language. Finally, discussion questions encourage deeper dialogue and practice with opportunities for reading, writing, listening and speaking. Check out our site at Idiom Attack 2 Doing Business Table of Contents Getting Used to Idioms Preface How to Use This Book 01. On the Job earn a living / do for a living / white-collar job / blue-collar job / clock in / put in / call it quits / open up shop / graveyard shift / close up shop / get off / get red / work like a dog / workaholic / short-handed / get laid off 02. The Job Market working stiff / put in for / on the job / headhunter / do business (with) / set up shop / stay a oat / go under / lay off / go out of business / household name / in the market / on the market / go on strike 03. The Rat Race on the run / run (around) in circles / on the move / rat race / dog-eat-dog / in a rut / keep up with the Joneses / treading water / the same old grind / back to the salt mines / couch potato/ creature comforts 04. Points in Time from now on / from time to time / in a while / in time (to) / over and over (again) / for a while / for the time being / on time / one of these days / around the clock / for good / sooner or later 05. Making Progress make headway / coming along / keep up (with) / gain ground / so far, so good / fall behind / on a roll / underway / gain steam / take shape 06. Production made to order / crank out / go through / collect dust / off the rack / turn out / bring out / run low (on) / cut down (on) / pack rat / run out (of) / use up 07. Getting it Going inch along / on the fly / in a rush / be pressed for time / hurry up / step on it / helter-skelter / get a move on / on the double / pick up / slow down / at a snail’s pace / spur of the moment 08. Delays, Interruptions & Waiting sit on / put off / kill time / tied up / run late / hold on / put something on the back burner / be held up / wait out / be with someone 09. The Numbers Game all told / be left / pile up / come up short / or so / at (the) least / at (the) most / a number of / the lion’s share / in round numbers / a drop in the bucket / in its entirety 10. Money Matters two bits / pay (someone) back / cash in / carry over payment / make out a check / bounce a check / wire money / on credit / redeem a coupon / take out / put aside / chip in 11. Money & Finances save (money) for a rainy day / be in the hole / be a steal / be broke / be a rip-off / get by / cost (someone) an arm and a leg / make ends meet / cut corners / do without / be on someone / come to / pay off 12. Reporting Information what’s the scoop? / spread the word / fill someone in / break the news / first-hand / keep someone posted / catch up on / keep up on / hot off the press / fill out 13. Discussions at Meetings touch on / cover ground / raise a question / go into / bring up / break in / cut someone off / speak up / kick around / not get a word in edgewise / go off on a tangent 14. Conversing & Communicating hear from / in touch (with) / get back to / talk someone’s ear off / talk a mile a minute / drop someone a line / yackety-yak / touch base / stay in touch / out of touch (with) / get in touch with / spam mail / send off 15. Finding Solutions work out / rack one’s brains / do the trick / two heads are better than one / nip something in the bud / take a different tack / as a last resort / quick fix / magic bullet / get to the bottom of 16. Power & Persuasion throw one’s weight around / pull (some) strings / run the show / run a tight ship / in hand / out of hand / loose cannon / play favorites / be on the take / asleep at the wheel 17. Rhyme & Reason put the cart before the horse / go without saying / put two and two together / hare-brained / stand to reason / flight of fancy / jump to conclusions / off the wall / out of left field / no rhyme or reason 18. Strength of Mind bite one’s lip / get one’s act together / on the ball / keep one’s cool / lose one’s cool / get ahold of oneself / mind over matter / level-headed / hold something in(side) / keep one’s wits about oneself 19. A Sense of Duty weight on one’s shoulders / carry one’s (own) weight / run with it / take on / look after / leave to / see to / take over / see something through 20. Deal Makers & Breakers on the table / go-between / cut a deal / hammer out / drive a hard bargain / break off / enter into / highway robbery / find the middle ground / happy medium / meet halfway / give in (to) / give and take 21. Politics & Politicians right wing / left wing / middle-of-the-road / party line / bleeding heart liberal / run for office / swear in / take office / sound bite / grass roots / red tape 22. Repair & Ruin turn on / be up and running / be trashed / be down / break down / burn out / fall apart / out of order / turn up / act up / fall off 23. Condemnation & Consent shake one’s head / be out of the question / I’m afraid not / take a dim view of / give someone a dirty look / be iffy / sound good / be in favor of / give the green light / give a (big) hand 24. Truth & Lies level with / come clean / white lie / under the table / be on the level / skeleton in one’s closet / keep from / cross one’s heart / lay one’s cards on the table / keep it to oneself / not breathe a word / cover up 25. Success & Failure make it big / in vain / make the grade / make a comeback / pull off / get ahead / a lost cause / go over (well) / give up / blow it / (go) back to square one Index Crossword Answers


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