Envy: The 7 Deadly Sins, Christian Vandergroot
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Envy: The 7 Deadly Sins

Author: Christian Vandergroot

Narrator: Michael Cleary

Unabridged: 1 hr 2 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Findaway Voices

Published: 07/17/2018

Genre: Self-help - Emotions


The hidden, emotional sin of envy clarified and analyzed. 

“Thou shalt not covet” is one of the 10 commandments. What this encompasses, however, is misunderstood or misinterpreted by many. Who is guilty of this sin?

Which consequences does the sin of envy bear? 

Are envy and jealousy the same? 

Are there times when it is okay or even better to be a little envious or jealous? 

How do the Scriptures testify of the severity of the sin? 

And last but not least, how do we overcome it? 

These and many other questions will be answered in this analytical, spiritual book of a devout Christian. 

Envy is often something we point out in others, but if we face the facts and admit to being imperfect, finding it in ourselves can actually improve our lives, our attitude, and our happiness. When we figure out where our feelings are wrong, we can take action and change our mind-set. In this book, we’ll go over everything there is to learn about envy, including subtopics such as:

Coveting compared to romantic jealousy in relationships.How to step away from the addiction of popularity and worldly attention.Biblical stories, references, and Scriptures about envy.How self-esteem and envy are often related to each other.Extreme examples from the news with psychotic green monsters.Steps to minimize envious feelings when you don’t know what to do with them.How the parable of the prodigal son has everything to do with envy.The best way to avoid the self-destructive sin of coveting another’s life and be content with what we have been given.

So many people think of envy as a sin against others, but actually, we are doing this to ourselves. We create our own misery by looking at others and comparing ourselves to them. Discover what God has said about this in the Bible.


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{"id":"4007458","ean":"9781987193077","abr":"Unabridged","title":"Envy: The 7 Deadly Sins","subtitle":"The 7 Deadly Sins","author":"Christian Vandergroot","rating_average":"0","narrator":"Michael Cleary","ubr_id":"4007458","abr_id":"0","ubr_price":"4.99","abr_price":"0.00","ubr_memprice":"2.99","abr_memprice":"0.00","ubr_narrator":"Michael Cleary","abr_narrator":"","ubr_length":"Unabridged: 1 hr 2 min","abr_length":"Abridged: "}