Buddhism In A Nutshell: A Quick Beginnerís Guide For Mastering The Core Teachings Of Buddha To Live A Happier & More Meaningful Life, Isaac Haines
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Buddhism In A Nutshell: A Quick Beginnerís Guide For Mastering The Core Teachings Of Buddha To Live A Happier & More Meaningful Life

Author: Isaac Haines

Narrator: Stark Wilson

Unabridged: 3 hr 17 min

Format: Digital Audiobook

Publisher: Findaway Voices

Published: 01/14/2020

Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction - Religion - Buddhism


“Buddhism In A Nutshell” Reveals…“How To Quickly Master The 2,500 Year-Old Teachings of Buddhist Philosophy To Live A Happier And More Meaningful Life Starting Tomorrow... Without Worshipping A Golden Statue of Buddha!Here’s a sneak peek:What The Beatles’ 1967 hit song “Love Is All You Need” has to do with Buddhism and even more important, what it has to do with YOU!How practicing “zazen” can change your life in just 15 minutes a day! (Once you discover this simple technique, you’ll want to be ‘zazen-ing’ every single day!)The very interesting 2,500 year-old story of Siddhartha Gautama, who then became the Buddha that shared all this amazing wisdom with us today!Why meditation is NOT about sitting cross-legged while chanting or being silent! (Discover the real truth about meditation!)The scientific breakthrough accidentally discovered by neuroscientist Richard Davidson that made Buddhism spread like wildfire!How the “Four Divine Abodes” & the “Five Precepts” can help you win more friends and develop stronger relationships!Why Buddhism is not just for “Buddhists”... but for everyone who desires to become a better version of themselves!...And much, much more!Buddhism has taught me how to live, breathe, and it has transformed the quality of my life in every area imaginable.And I couldn’t be more grateful for these Buddhist insights!So if you want to master the core Buddhist teachings and live a happier & more meaningful life starting tomorrow, get “Buddhism In A Nutshell” now!


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